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We offer precision melting and boiling point apparatus in 250ml beaker silicon oil bath. It has Teflon made dish cover with 12 Volt long lasting immersion heater connected to transformer. This heater enables quick heating and fine celebration of the apparatus. This is a specially designed apparatus with built in heavy duty magnetic stirrer which runs through 12 Volt DC Motor. Furthermore, the precision melting and boiling point apparatus are offered in three different models.

Salient Features:

  • Heavy duty magnet used for trouble free and uniform stirring
  • Heating range up to 300ºc maximum
  • For better observation, glare free back side illumination and magnifying viewing glass provided
  • 3 way rotary switches provided to control heating rate for different stage of M.P. Plus additional regulator for further heating control
  • Provision of a stand to rest 3 capillaries stand and 6mm glass boiling tube provided
  • With temperature resolution of 1 º Centigrade as per order