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TOC Analyzer
The new SGE ANATOC™ Series II Total Organic Carbon Analyzer represents the next generation in analyzers for the rapid determination of organic carbon in water. The instrument utilizes patented photo catalytic oxidation to decompose even the most intractable organic compounds in an aqueous sample. It provides reliable analysis at negligible cost per sample without the use of hazardous chemicals or clumsy, expensive compressed gases.

TLC Analyzer
  • Lipids; Bitumen
  • Crude Oil
  • Glyceride Isomers
  • Triglycerides
  • Food Dye
  • Cosmetics etc.

Fat Residue Extractor
SGE’s UNITREX (Universal Trace Residue Extractor) is a compact micro processor controlled instrument to facilitate the extraction and concentration of pesticide residues from fats and oils. The UNITREX was developed with the assistance of the Australian Government Analytical Laboratory, Melbourne, to update the technique of sweep co-distillation developed by Storherr and Watts (1). It incorporates the improvements in the technique advocated by Dingle (2), Heath and Black (3, 4) and McDougall (5) with respect to the recovery procedures. In addition it incorporates a radically designed recovery tube based on sound chromatographic principals that eliminates the need for solvent injections. It also improves recoveries and reduces the volume of gas required per sample.

Pyrolysis chromatography
Pyrolysis chromatography is a powerful analytical tool able to thermally crack (fragment) essentially non-volatile molecules into volatile fragments, making them suitable for chromatographic analysis.  It enables a reproducible and characteristic 'fingerprint' to be generated of a non-volatile sample.  The technique can be applied to such varied tasks as the identification of bacteria, paints, rubbers, polymers, and fibers. 
The micro furnace is designed to operate at temperature up to 900°C for extended periods, without Curie Point gaps. 
SGE Pyrojector II™ is an economical, continuous mode micro furnace pyrolyzing injection system which is highly reproducible. It is ideally suited for use with High Resolution Capillary GC, with a range of sample introduction systems designed for both liquid and solid samples.

Chromatography accessories
Parts and accessories for GC and GC-MS instruments made by Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Varian , Thermo Electron and Shimadzu. Product includes syringes, needles, GC capillary and LC columns, Custom made glass columns, Septa, Ferrules, Unions, Connectors, tubing and electron multipliers.


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